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What is CMMI Toolkit

CMMI Toolkit is a comprehensive, structured collection of inter-linked, free-flowing documentation. CMMI Toolkit has Processes, Guidelines, Checklists, and Templates which are arranged in a multi-layered hierarchy and easily accessible by a click on the Browser.

In the CMMI Toolkit, the Processes, Guidelines, Checklists, and Templates are very user-friendly. User-friendliness brings Acceptability. Acceptability brings change in Software Engineering Culture. And this is Your Objective.

We provide you with this CMMI toolkit once we receive the information about your organization in the questionnaire given below. We deliver it to you in a customized form.

CMMI Toolkit Components

The top layer in the CMMI toolkit consists of Processes which facilitate the implementation of CMMI Process areas. In this CMMI Toolkit the processes are compatible with CMMI Process areas of the CMMI Model Version 1.2 down to the granular level of sub-practices.

The second layer of CMMI toolkit consists of Guidelines that complement the processes and provide sub-practice level methodology according to the best practices.

The third layer of CMMI Toolkit consists of Checklists and Templates which provide a framework for creating an implementation framework as and when CMMI processes are executed. These are actually the Typical Work-Products as identified in the CMMI Model Version 1.2.

For e.g. for Project Planning Process Area, if the Project Management process is executed then the Project Management Plan Template will capture the evidence of the project-planning details.

CMMI Toolkit consists of all such templates, which are required by the each of the process areas of the CMMI and as per Organizational Process Requirements which are based on CMMI Process areas.

Why CMMI Toolkit

CMMI Process Model is great. CMMI Process Model proposes the organizational excellence framework. CMMI Process Model enhances our expectations for application development and product quality and service quality.

CMMI Process Model enhances customer-expectations as well.

The million dollar question is - Can understanding the CMMI Process Model alone is sufficient for developing reliable product and delivery high service quality. The answer is obviously NO. The theoretical concepts of CMMI Process Model have to be translated to workable procedures, guidelines, checklists and templates.

These are here for you available in CMMI Toolkit in a very refined form. And that is Why the CMMI Toolkit.

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